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Biings Benchmark Program

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HR sustainability benchmark.

The program is a two-way agreement where you to share your analytics anonymously in order to contribute and get access to your sector benchmark.

Sound good? Just a few things before you join...

Your data on Bings is for your benefit only, we never use it outside of your account and we never access it unless you ask us to. Joining the Bings Benchmark Program grants Bings Technologies the right to access your analytical results, and nothing else, and for the soul purpose of creating a common industry benchmark that can be shared amongst the members of the program. Since we are talking about potentially sensitive information, we require a company representative to consent and sign an agreement form. Once this form received by our team and its authenticity controlled, your Biings account will be enlisted into the Program. For now we are going to manually deliver the benchmark to members who enrolled into the program, but down the line we'll make it available right within Biings.

Ready to join?
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Once signed please send this agreement form to [email protected].

Can I opt-out after I opt-in?

Yes. You can enter or leave the Biings Benchmark Program as often as you’d like. This can be done either by writing to us or directly from within your Biings account.

What are the economic sectors available?

Agriculture and Forestry
Industrial activity and Energy production
Trade and Repair
Transportation and Storage
Accommodation and Food service activities
Information and Communication
Financial and Insurance activities
Real estate and Administrative activities
Professional, Scientific and Technology
Public administration
Human health and Social work activities
Arts, Entertainment and other