Coordinate follow-ups.
Stay in the know of each case.

Follow up on long-term absences quickly and easily. For each open case, Biings allows occupational health specialists to log and find all actions performed for each person.


Preventive management

Choose among the preventive Worfklows those you want to activate in your teams. Biings takes over and recommends to managers the best preventive actions to take, and transfers to HR only the most worrying cases. Your health policy is respected and applied.

  • 1-on-1 reminders
    (returns, appraisal, HR)
  • leave and return to work notifications
  • worrying persons awarness
  • repetitive absences notification
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Administrative deadlines reminders

The multiplicity of absences makes it hard to keep up with all cases and their numerous deadlines. Biings tracks every cases and notifies the right person when something needs to be done so that you can focus on their return rather than their absence.

  • medical certificat renewals
  • new claim reports
  • disability insurance deadlines
  • DI/IV early detection
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Manage absences like projects!

Each case of long-term absence requires complex multidisciplinary support. Biings helps HRs and specialists share their actions in one place to coordinate follow-ups and reduce delays.

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Knowledge base

HR Knowledge Base

Tutorials & Practice guide

Use our set of HR practices matching our sustainable management philosphy or include your own. Designed primarily for Managers, our HR knowledge base brings together all the know-how to understand absenteeism and ensure successful one-on-one meetings.


Analyse and monitor groups at risk.

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File claims and control refunds.

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