File claims quickly and hassle-free.

For each accident, sickness or maternity report all required fields are automatically completed. Just hit "Submit" and you're done. Claims are directly sent to your insurance who can start the compensation process right away.

Available for companies insured in Switzerland with Allianz, Axa, Bâloise, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, Generali, Mobilière, Suva, Vaudoise and Zurich.


How it works..

No copy-paste. No emails. No phone calls. Biings warns you when a claim is ready and computes daily allowances, all automatically.

Set up your insurances policies

Add your insurance coverage and employee benefits conditions and Biings will do the rest.

You can add multiple coverages with different insurances. Biings will know how to pick to correct one.

An absence occurs..

You don't have to do anything. Biings will automatically check if the sickness or accident matches with any of your insurance coverage.

Get notified when a claim is ready

As soon as an absence should be reported to one of your insurances, Biings notifies you and prepares a claim report ready to be reviewed.

Hit "Submit"

Claim reports are automatically filled out based on employees details and your company's information. Biings lets you review the claim and hit "submit".


Your claim is immediatly sent to the insurance who can start the compensation process.

The claim number appears as soon as the claim is received.
(with compatible insurance companies)

Keep sending medical certificats

With a simple drag and drop, easily send new medical certificates or other documents to the insurance. Everything always stays linked to the current claim.

Claim report


Benefits calculation

Track and control refunds

For each claim, daily allowances are calculated according to the person's salary and the conditions of your coverage. Easily enter the amounts received and compare with the expected total.

Biings Biings

Want to try Biings?

Biings helps Managers follow their team's absences and return to work. Stop using sophisticated tools or messy spreadsheets to generate the absence statistics you need. Simplify and let Biings prepare analytics and show you who needs attention. It's all you need to coordinate follow ups and implement your occupational health policy.

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