Your HR data carries
precious insights.

By synchronizing absence and HR data with Biings, the absence report and dashboard can already highlight the first solutions! That’s why there’s Biings Enterprise.

  Enterprise Integration  

Designed for Fast Integration.

From absence data to your organization chart, everything is ready to easily integrate Biings with the softwares already being used in your company.

Keep using your current HR database

Employees' details and absences continue to be managed in their respective softwares. No duplicate entries! Biings retrieve all data and applies its analysis and monitoring functionalities.

Set up your occupational health policy

From preventive workflows and HR practices to access rights, Biings allows you to configure and adapt its management philosphy to your organisation. Deploy your health policy gradually, or all at once, you decide.

Work on real-time data

Biings comes with a powerful data sychronisation engine able to retrieve and consolidate data from multiple sources. Everything is updated daily and automatically. With Biings, absence management never waits more than a day.

You can also read our Developer Guide to learn how to format your data so that Biings can sychronize with your system.

Developer Guide   


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