Real-time absence analytics.

Access your company's social assessment in seconds. Biings continuously runs absence analysis and updates all your reports daily to show the groups and people in need of attention.

  • real-time absence rate
  • rolling 12-months analytics
  • cases categories repartition
  • work overload indicator

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Absences analytics and well-being indicators

Biings Pilot includes expert indicators specifically designed to identify groups at risk and understand absence distribution. Available in all HR dimensions - department, profession, age, seniority, occupancy rate, gender, etc. - all statistics are available on a rolling 12 months period, displayed instantly and in real time.

Social climate

Chronicity and overload monitoring

Predictors of collective performance, short-term or chronic absences are often a sign of dysfunction. Biings allows you to control the list of cases requiring special attention and keep you vigilant on the work overload in each team.

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One place to monitor all your teams.

Keep all your custom reports at hand. Each segment remains up to date according to the evolution of cases and the internal mobility of every person in your company.

Absences analytics screenshot
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Biings helps Managers follow their team's absences and return to work. Stop using sophisticated tools or messy spreadsheets to generate the absence statistics you need. Simplify and let Biings prepare analytics and show you who needs attention. It's all you need to coordinate follow ups and implement your occupational health policy.

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