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“Es steht in Biings.

Biings vereint alles, was Sie für das Abwesenheitsmanagement benötigen, und sichert darüber hinaus die Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden Ihrer Teams.

Exclusive to PILOT

Rollierende 12-Monats-Analyse

Real-time and 12-month rolling statistics to understand trends and social climate in each team.

Ausgeglichene Absenzrate

Absence rate indicator (overall and by segment) with split rate between short and long term cases.

Exclusive to PILOT

Erkennung von Risikogruppen

Group monitoring filtered by department, occupation, age, seniority, gender, activity rate (and more depending on available data).

Exclusive to PILOT


By organizational unit, occupation, age, seniority, gender and activity rate (more depending on available data).

Exclusive to PILOT


Repartion of absence cases over six categories of length (from very short to long duration, up to 720 days).

Exclusive to PILOT

Absence trends

Trend analysis of the number of cases over time – the most reliable absence forecasting indicator.

Exclusive to PILOT

Präventive Workflows

Carefully designed workflows to manage absences and follow up on chronic cases.

Exclusive to PILOT

Erkennung von besorgniserregenden Fällen

Employees with chronic absence cases (4+ in 12 months) are instantly recognized and brought to the attention of managers and HR.

Administrative Terminwarnungen

Predefined reminders of all important deadlines or case management follow-ups.

Exclusive to PILOT

Praxisleitfaden & Tutorial

Embedded practical advices for Managers and HR with preventive practices for managing absences and conducting interviews.

Personal Follow-up dashboard

Visual timeline summary for each employee with all ongoing and planned follow-up actions.

Actors timelines

Independent timeline for each actor involved in case management.

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Schadenmeldung an die Versicherung

Digitally send illness, accident or maternity notifications to your insurance company, right from within Biings.

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Benachrichtigung über zu kompensierende Fälle

Cases that are about to reach their waiting period are monitored and brought to your attention when they need to be notified to the insurance.

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Pre-filling of claim report fields

Each claim report is automatially pre-filled with the employee's and event data and are ready to be sent right away.

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Insurance policy configuration

Setup one or several insurance policies, Biings will monitor absences and indemnities against each coverage rule.

Arztzeugnisse verwalten

Manage certificates and their validity period, send them to the insurance and stay informed when renewals are due.

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Berechnung der Taggelder

Track received indemnities for each cases, Biings computes the total amount and what remains to be received.

Automatic consolidation/linking of absences

Absences belonging to the same case are automatically linked or merged together.


Exclusive to PILOT

Counting of cases and days of absence

Link multiple absences to one case

Exclusive to PILOT

Absent-FTE indicator

Exclusive to PILOT

Chart of the number of cases over time

Exclusive to PILOT

Chronic absences indicator

Current open cases counter (with short and long term split)

Exclusive to PILOT

Custom filters

Exclusive to PILOT

Custom segment saving and monitoring

Exclusive to PILOT

Absence analytics dashboard (all segments)

CSV / Excel export option

Exclusive to PILOT

Analysis reports PDF download

Super-fast reporting engine for instant absence analytics

Absence rate settings and choice of absence types to count

Exclusive to PILOT

Direct cost of absence indicator

Exclusive to PILOT

Ratio of the number of cases per person

Exclusive to PILOT

Analysis period toggle: by month or by year (rolling 12-month)

Follow-up actions log (past and future)

Note area for each absence, follow-up or open case

Unshared private notes

DI/IV early detection reminders

Medical certificate reminders (missing or expired)

Shared attachement for specific follow-up actions

30+ predefined follow-up actions

Visual representation of medical certificats validity period

17+ predefined case management actors

Ongoing absences listing

Exclusive to PILOT

Chronic cases listing

Exclusive to PILOT

Long-term absences listing

Exclusive to PILOT

Listing of highly chronic cases (more than 6 events) or unfollowed absences

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Claim reports PDF download

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Instant return of claim numbers (for supported insurances)

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Attachement of indemnity receipts

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Visual timeline representation of indemnified period

Automatic attachement of medical certificates sent from the mobile app

Sorting of claim reports by status (new, open, archived)

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Storage of local physicians contact information

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Post-send attachements related to open claim reports

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Contact person selection for each claim report

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Display of total pending & received allowances per case

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Listing of all received allowances per case

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Support for 20'000+ Swiss professions (NSP 2000)

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Auto-selection of the profession according to the person's position in the company

Exclusive to NOTIFY

Mandatory fields highlight according to each insurance requirement

Employee's profile (personal data, current position and event history)

Visual absence timelines (individual or grouped)

Absence input and management (with unlimited number of causes/types)

Support for variable incapacity rates and open-ended absence period

Customizable absence causes/types (code, color and description)

Anomaly detection (eg: 2 absences at the same time)

Alles andere

  • Per user preferences (reminders setting, language, profile picture)
  • Multilingual support (English, French, German, Italian)
  • Multi-business account (manage multiple companies on a single Biings account)
  • Role-based permission settings
  • Guest user support
  • Custom data integration
  • Daily data synchronisation (with third-party software)
  • 100Mb storage per person
  • SSL-encrypted connections
  • Single Sign-on (SAML 2.0)
  • All data stored in Switzerland
  • Mobile app: Android & iOS

Wenn Sie noch unsicher sind, was Biings kann, finden Sie die Antwort vielleicht in unseren FAQ!

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Biings unterstützt Manager bei der Verwaltung und Reduzierung von Absenzen. Verwenden Sie keine komplizierten Tools oder Tabellenkalkulationen zur Ausgabe von Statistiken. Vereinfachen Sie und verlassen Sie sich stattdessen auf Biings. Das ist alles, was Sie brauchen, um die Nachbearbeitung jeder Absenz zu koordinieren und Ihr betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement umzusetzen.

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