All you need to reduce and manage absences at work.

Biings is the sensible and sustainable way to manage absences and improve social climate in your teams.

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Powering Managers and People Teams at

From prevention to notification, all the tools you need to manage absences.

Analyse and monitor groups at risk

More than statistics, Biings filters absences per department, profession, age, seniority, rate, etc. and highlights absence triggers. All reports are performed on a sliding 12-months period. All instantly and in real-time.

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Prevent & Follow

Choose among the preventive worfklows those you want to activate in your teams. Biings takes over and recommends to Managers the best preventive actions to take, while transfering to HRs only the most sensitive cases. Your health policy is respected, and applied.

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Monitor absences, coordinate follow-ups

Follow up on long-term absences quickly and easily. For each open case, Biings allows occupational health specialists to log and find all actions performed for each person.

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Report claims and control
refunds, hassle-free.

For each accident, sickness or maternity report all required fields are automatically completed. Just hit "Submit" and you're done. Claims are directly sent to your insurance who can start the compensation process right away.

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Created For and By HRs, Biings monitors absences and helps Managers favor a sustainable work environment.

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