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What is Biings?

Biings is the sensible and sustainable way to manage absences from work and improve social climate in your teams.

Is it possible to get data going back more than 12 months?

Yes. The reference date can be changed at any time and for any analysis report.

Can we isolate employees with chronic absences?

Yes. The absence timeline makes it possible to sort employees who are currently absent, on long-term absence or having chronic absences.

Is it possible to display or report only unplanned absences?

Yes. Biings has a smart filter to display planned and/or unplanned absences.

Can we compare reports between two different periods?

Yes. Each report can be saved on the main dashboard. The selected filter options (including date) are stored and allow for comparison of the same analysis at a different period.

Can medical certificates be sent directly to the insurance?

Yes. For each ongoing claim, any type of attachment can be added and forwarded to the insurance company.

Can we download or print the analysis reports?

Yes, both PDF and CSV file options (Excel-compatible) are available for download and print.

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