Is it possible to get data going back more than 12 months? Yes. The reference date can be changed at any time and for any analysis report.
Can we isolate employees with chronic absences? Yes. The absence timeline makes it possible to sort employees who are currently absent, on long-term absence or having chronic absences.
Is it possible to display or report only unplanned absences? Yes. Biings has a smart filter to display planned and/or unplanned absences.
Can we export absences in Excel format? Yes. Each report can be saved on the main dashboard. The selected filter options (including date) are stored and allow for comparison of the same analysis at a different period.
Can we download or print the analysis reports? Yes, both PDF and CSV file options (Excel-compatible) are available for download and print.
Can medical certificates be sent directly to the insurance? Yes. For each ongoing claim, any type of attachment can be added and forwarded to the insurance company.
What insurance companies are compatible with Biings? Allianz, Axa, Bâloise, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, Helvetia, Generali, Mobilière, Suva, Vaudoise, Zurich, and all insurance companies complying with the SUVA XML protocol.

Any Swiss insurance can be connected to Biings. Contact us to learn more.

Can we share access to Biings with another provider (e.g. insurance, broker)? Yes, user access for an external provider can be specially created. However, operating Biings remains limited to internal employees.


Is Biings in compliance with data protection laws? Yes, Biings complies with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (LPD) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Learn more.
How is the privacy of the data secured? In addition to the access rights defined in Biings, all data are stored on a secure center in Switzerland. The exchanges between the server and the users are always authenticated and encrypted by an SSL certificate. Learn more.
Is Biings accessible to all users? No. Access rights are configured from the Settings panel by levels or groups of employees. The selection of people and data accessible to the user is entirely managed within the application.
Where is Biings server located? Our server is hosted by Infomaniak in Geneva, Switzerland.


Can Biings interface with other software? Yes. Biings can interface with any software that can export or share its data. Biings includes a system of interfaces to receive and synchronize data with one (or more) system already in place. Employee HR data continues to be managed in their respective software, Biings only retrieves it and provides functionality for analysis, follow-up actions and insurance claims.
How long does it take for a Go-live with Biings? Generally, it takes between 1 to 4 months from project start to Go-live. The duration essentially depends on the number of data interfaces to be performed.
Is Biings available for on-premise server distribution? Yes, Biings can be installed on a proprietary server. A few minimum requirements are necessary, as well as an annual subscription.


How much does Biings costs? Biings features are distributed into two modules: PILOT (workflows and analytics) and NOTIFY (claim notification and refunds verification). The price is based on the number of persons with an active work contract in your organisation. For a 25-persons company Biings PILOT starts at CHF 1'500.- per year. Our pricing is degressive, meaning that we offer volume discounts as more people are added.

If you're looking for more detail, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll be happy to send our pricing schedule.

Is maintenance included? Yes, the subscription to Biings includes maintenance with frequent updates and access to new features as soon as their are released. The subscription also includes a hotline and application support.
What happens if this pricing changes? When we do that, we exempt existing customers from those changes. However, we may choose to change the prices for existing customers when they purchase additional products or which to upgrade from old legacy versions (V.1.x). Learn more.
Are there any additional costs associated with a server distribution? Yes, the maintenance of Biings on a proprietary server is charged at 15% of the annual subscription.

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