Absences are the best indicator
of well-being at work.

The Biings philosophy

An HR-sustainable company values good work-atmosphere rather than adopting a coercive control of absences. Biings gives caring managers the ability to better manage the absences in their teams. It also helps maintain proper working conditions by including regular and direct communication with each of its team members. Additionally, it uses a modern application to sustain the process of monitoring absences and follow-up actions.

An HR-sustainable company values the social climate and the well-being of its human resources.

This was our vision while designing and building Biings. Absenteeism is an HR indicator the same way as turnover or internal mobility is. This collective performance indicator indirectly measures difficulties, workload and the commitment of those who are present.

With Biings, you know at all time the situation of each team and who are the persons in need of attention. With this knowledge, you have unparalleled ability to set and maintain the occupational health policy of your business.

Enable Biings in your company

Created For and By HRs, Biings monitors absences and helps Managers favor a sustainable work environment.