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The Best Indicator of
Well-being at Work

Absenteeism is an HR indicator the same way as turnover or internal mobility is. This collective performance indicator indirectly measures difficulties, workload and the commitment of those who are present.


Flexible work.
Sustainable teams.

An HR-sustainable company values a healthy work-atmosphere rather than adopting coercive controls of employees' work.

It gives caring managers the ability to better manage absences, helps them maintain proper working conditions, and favours regular and direct communication with each of its team member. Additionally, it uses a modern application to sustain the process of monitoring chronic cases and follow-up actions.

An HR-sustainable company maximizes work flexibility, and puts the well-being of its people first.

This is our vision while designing and building Biings. With Biings, you know at all times the situation of each team and who are the persons in need of attention. This knowledge gives you an unparalleled ability to set and maintain the occupational health policy of your business.

The Biings Team

Before / After
Before Biings: Managing absences is complex, some people are left without follow-ups, deadlines are sometimes forgotten and overloaded teams are stressed. After Biings: Absences are followed up, deadlines are met, persons of concern are detected early and analytics allow to focus on improving social climate in the workplace.
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Biings helps Managers follow their team's absences and return to work. Stop using sophisticated tools or messy spreadsheets to generate the absence statistics you need. Simplify and let Biings prepare analytics and show you who needs attention. It's all you need to coordinate follow ups and implement your occupational health policy.

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