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We've gathered here a few ressources to help you talk about Biings and use our logo. If you need to use our brand in a different way, please contact us at [email protected]

What is Biings?

Biings is the sensible and sustainable way to manage absences at work and monitor social climate in your teams.

Biings is designed from the ground up to prevent absence risk factors. From analytics to absence follow-ups and claim reports, each feature is part of a proactive and caring management philosophy.

Connected to the company's database — From the very beginning Biings was created to connect with existing time management tools and HR information systems. Biings works out-of-the-box.

In a few words

Manage absences, improve social climate.

Registered company name

Biings Technologies SA

Year Founded



🇨🇭Morges, 🇪🇸Barcelona, 🇿🇦Johannesburg

Sister companies

Ismat Consulting, Clinique du Travail

Parent company

Ismat Group SA


The Biings logo includes the mark and the logotype.

The mark can be used alone when the context is clear (eg. on a diagram or as an icon). The logotype should never appear without the mark. The mark should always be on the left.

Download a logo

Biings Monochrome (white) PNGSVG
Biings Monochrome (black) PNGSVG
Biings Mark PNGSVG

Biings® is a registered trademark.


Feel free to copy these code snippets to include on your site.

Light Badge

This badge is flexible to work on both light and dark backgrounds but we recommand using it on white or very light backgrounds.

<a href="">
    <img src=""/>

Dark Badge

This badge is flexible to work on both light and dark background.

<a href="">
    <img src=""/>

Color Palette

This is the official color palette for Biings and its products.

Violet is our brand primary color with a Pantone alternative for print material. Turquoise is used associated with Biings PILOT and Gold with Biings NOTIFY.

Generally the primary color and the module colors are used as pop colors in illustrations or icons. The Aubergine color works well as a background color.

More on



RGB140 80 185


CMYK58 76 0 0





RGB70 40 93



RGB0, 200, 181



RGB203, 149, 105

Created For and By HRs, Biings monitors absences and helps Managers favor a sustainable work environment.

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