Our subprocessors

Biings uses third party processors, such as cloud computing providers and customer support software, to provide our services. We enter into a GDPR or Swiss-US DPF compliant data processing agreement with each subprocessor.

Subprocessors located in Switzerland:

  • Infomaniak (Server hosting provider) – To host the server on which Biings runs.

Subprocessors located in the United States:

  • Front (Customer Operations Platform) – To manage your requests and answer your emails.
  • Sentry (Error reporting software) – To monitor possible errors and issues in production.
  • Harvest (Time Tracking and Invoicing) – To track time spent working with you (or for you) and send our invoices.
  • GitHub (Collaborative version control) – To centralize Biings source code and manage its versions.
  • Linear (Software and Task management) – To track the tasks, fixes and new features we bring to Biings.